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01 October 2019

BDO Academy - as part of BDO Consulting - has received the official recognition of ACCA, a leading training provider, for the quality of the learning process and support that we offer to students.

21 August 2019

Transforming a city into a smart city can bring long-term benefits and opportunities for sustainability and innovation for both citizens and businesses. However when undertaking an integration initiative of this magnitude many issues can surface. A well-established plan coupled with active...

15 August 2019

In the last ten years the renewable energy market has experienced gigantic change. This was the theme of the recent panel discussion held at BDO's Global Annual Natural Resources Conference in London in June 2019. With renewable energy replacing traditional energy sources of coal, oil and gas at...

24 July 2019

We have put together a selection of deals we have worked on in the last few months, which showcases the achievements of our Transaction Services teams across the globe.   Our global transaction services deal volumes have increased nearly 15% in the last calendar year. We have a growing team of...

17 July 2019

We have put together a selection of deals that our Corporate Finance teams across the globe have worked on in the last few months.  Our global Private Equity deal volume has increased by 60% in the last calendar year. We have a growing team of 2,000 BDO Corporate Finance specialists in 100...

14 June 2019

This publication introduces smart contracts, a new instrument which is deployed on a distributed ledger technology (DLT) such as a blockchain.  Smart contracts, as well as the DLT, are currently in early stages. As a result, processes related to smart contracts and the DLT will evolve over time. ...

13 May 2019

This publication provides an introduction to cryptocurrencies that entities may possess or otherwise use when transacting with other parties. While the discussions below focus on bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency among entities, the information below also applies to other cryptocurrencies ...

13 May 2019

This publication has presented recent trends relating to crypto assets issuance and their related risks.You need to understand and assess potential business risks and financial reporting risks prior to getting involved in ICOs and issuing or investing in crypto assets.If you have questions...

10 May 2019

As noted by the top ten trends in cyber security, the risk of a massive cyber breach negatively impacting a company’s reputation and market value is ever increasing. Thus, all companies need to fully understand the value of the information assets they possess, the cyber security related risk of a...

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