• Cybersecurity: Working-From-Home Guide

Cybersecurity: Working-From-Home Guide

14 December 2020

COVID-19 and the ensuing national lockdowns have disrupted the conventional where and how of working. Work from outside the actual workplace like Work From Home (WFH), Work From Shared Spaces or Work From Anywhere have become the trend, and over the last few months we have adopted it graciously.

The concept of WFH is not new. Many organisations prior to the pandemic provided flexible working arrangements that included the opportunity to WFH. However, the scale of which this is now occurring has significant implications on our ability to connect and collaborate securely. Making the situation more complex are the opportunistic cyber threats that have already started to take advantage of the situation. From a long-term perspective, it is thus imperative to make WFH or Work from Anywhere, more reliable, secure and stable.

To help businesses aid this thinking, BDO has prepared a brief checklist that will help organisations plan appropriately to mitigate the risk of a potential cyber incident. This checklist serves as an assistance tool for evaluating reasonable steps to enhance the WFH experience.