• Taxes are back

Taxes are back

30 May 2022

The Law of Ukraine 2260-IX, — which cancelled some of the tax exemptions for Ukrainian businesses imposed at the beginning of the war, — became effective on May 27, 2022.

Particularly, companies that are able to meet the deadlines for paying taxes and duties, submission of reports, registration in the appropriate registers of tax invoices, calculations of adjustments, the deadline for compliance with which is from February 24, 2022, have:

  • To register tax invoices and adjustment calculations in the URTI by 15.07.2022.
  • To submit the relevant returns by 20.07.2022.
  • To pay taxes and fees by 31.07.2022.


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Still the procedure for confirmation of the possibility or impossibility of the taxpayer to comply obligations and the list of documents for confirmation is approved by the central executive body that provides the development and implementation of state financial policy — we expect for it.

In-house, documentary out-of-schedule and actual audits are back.

However, the companies that are able to meet tax and levy deadlines on time, to submit reporting, are exempt from that obligation, promising to fulfill obligations within 6 months after the ending of martial law.

An interesting fact is that until the ending or lifting of martial law, companies are prohibited from submitting adjusting calculations in tax returns for reporting (tax) periods until February 2022 with indicators for the reduction of tax liabilities and/or declaring the amount of budget refunds for value added tax.