• Digital Framework

Digital Framework — Security


  Digital workspace 

What is meant by the term "modernized workspace"? From our experience this is: 

  • Work at any time: remote access enables to work at any time with the main thing being an access to the workspace and infrastructure. 
  • Work from any location: an employee can work from the office, home, cafe or any other convenient place. 
  • Work from any device: access to service files and functionality hosted in the cloud infrastructure. 

New technologies allow employees and employers to enjoy the benefits of modern work formats, such as remote work and flexibility without limiting working hours or geographical location. To attract and retain the best people, organizations should adapt and position themselves accordingly.
Specialists of BDO Digital will help you identify specific productivity goals, and afterwards provide personalized recommendations on the best use of available assets to achieve them.  


 Moving to the cloud

Cloud migration is one of the most important decisions for a company these days. Сloud services enable your company to securely store a vast amount of information and your keep IT infrastructure at a reasonable price, granting an access to all the resources you need from anywhere in the world.

Professionals of BDO in Ukraine will help your business to: transfer server capacities and employees’ data to a protected cloud, set up truly efficient remote working process, strengthen overall company's cybersecurity level

Our approach and scope involve:

  1. Initial analysis of the infrastructure condition and provision of recommendations on potential migration to the cloud in the frame of general digital transformation,
  2. Servers’ migration / replication to the Microsoft Azure cloud or Western hosting with secure employees’ access through VPN,
  3. Implementation of powerful tools for remote collaboration and cloud storage / synchronization based on Microsoft 365 (Office 365, Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint) for your employees,
  4. Conduction of all the necessary training sessions for employees,
  5. Analysis of current cybersecurity level and development of recommendations on its improvement

  Digital awareness of personnel 

Digital transformation brings new tools that are important to be able to apply correctly. These can be solutions that are necessary for the work of all employees, for example, platforms for communication and collaboration in real time, or specialized tools that are used by individual services. 

Specialists of BDO Digital constantly develop and adapt training programs for digital tools, know many life hacks and peculiarities thereof, because many of these tools are used on ongoing basis. 

  Electronic Document Management 

In the digital world, more and more companies are starting to introduce Electronic Document Management (EDM) as this is convenient and fast. Legislative changes, which give equal legal force to many paper and electronic documents contribute to the development of this process.  

BDO specialists will help your organization set up both internal and external EDM. Our services include assistance in choosing the best document management system, the implementation process, as well as support and training of employees to work with a new resource. 

  IT audit 

Information security analysis is very important for any business. It enables to make sure that IT systems and processes are synchronized with those of information security, taking into account the best international practices and standards to minimize business risks. 

The BDO in Ukraine's IT team is made up of specialists from various industries, including experienced consultants in information technology, cybersecurity and data privacy, as well as IT auditors. Our services are provided by CISA certified specialists who use international standards in IT audit and effective tools during their work, and will be happy to help: 

  • determine whether the system meets industry cybersecurity standards;
  • analyze the current state of infrastructure and potential risks; 
  • observe the inventory and classification of available information assets; 
  • perform a penetration test. 

  Cybersecurity systems 

The presence of a comprehensive cybersecurity system is the key to minimizing negative consequences of potential malicious acts. However, many companies still find it somewhat difficult to create and maintain reliable cyber defenses on their own. In addition, potential negative consequences can lead to significant losses — from banal monetary losses to blocking operating activities. As a result, this leads to the loss of reputation and trust of customers, and even to lawsuits in some cases. 

Currently, the creation of a comprehensive protection program is a necessity to reduce cyber risks, create reliable cyber protection and minimize any negative impact on short-and long-term business goals. The international team of BDO Digital offers comprehensive cybersecurity services: 

  • development of strategies, plans, regulations and recommendations for protecting infrastructure and blocking cyber-attacks; 
  • project management for implementing cybersecurity systems; 
  • integration of network security systems, access control, application protection, leak protection, cryptographic protection; 
  • implementation of cloud solutions, data storage systems, network equipment, and virtualization systems. 

  Cybersecurity outsourcing 

Maintaining the cyber defense infrastructure is becoming increasingly difficult every day due to the constant shortage of qualified personnel and advanced skills. Using professional services, our customers can focus their attention and resources on key aspects and processes of activity, leaving the cybersecurity issue to specialists.
Advanced services also allow to achieve the required level of protection using only internal resources.Therefore, the goal of BDO Digital is to ensure fast response and resilience to any cyberspace events that may be encountered in your industry.
Our innovative solutions are: 

  • outsourcing of systems and infrastructure management; 
  • real-time incident response; 
  • providing brand and business reputation protection; 
  • virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services, 
  • SOC As-a-Service — connect to a specialized cybersecurity management center that combines the advantages of using artificial intelligence and the industry experience of the best BDO specialists. 

  Cybersecurity training 

A critical issue in today's digital world is the aspect of personnel awareness of cybersecurity issues. A significant number of incidents occur due to unintentional actions of employees, which is caused by insufficient awareness of threats, lack of cybersecurity policies, unclear distribution of functional responsibilities and rotation during vacations, and so on. 

Specialists of BDO Digital teach customer staff of the basics of cybersecurity, which increases the organization's resilience to digital network threats.