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  Digital Transformation 

In digital reality, when change is an everyday occurrence, it is not easy to predict the future of a business and its promising growth points. However, services of BDO Digital help our customers transform their business and overcome such obstacles. 

Digital transformation is a mindset that uses innovative solutions and proven technologies to optimize four key aspects of the organization: 

  • business processes and infrastructure; 
  • product solutions and services; 
  • corporate culture; 
  • customer interfaces and external counterparties. 

The aforesaid aspects need to be constantly reviewed and, if necessary, updated so that the organization can meet modern challenges of the market, as well as changing needs of customers. 


  Change Management 

Change is never easy. Technological changes are particularly difficult because they affect the way almost all employees, especially management, perform their daily work. If you want to realize the benefits of digital transformation, it is necessary to purposefully manage organizational changes and attract colleagues to work in a new way by personal example.
The good news is that these challenges are predictable. The BDO team of digital change management helps a variety of customers prevent many of difficulties that arise in implementing digital solutions. In an era of constant turbulence, our change management consultants work with key stakeholders from among managers and informal leaders, helping both develop and implement a change management plan. 

  Digital Marketing 

In many digital transformation projects, customer experience is a key catalyst for change. Digitalization of marketing is a launching pad for all subsequent digital changes, because it is marketing that focuses on customer experience and "Digital journey" begins with it. 

The aim of the process is to increase the area of digital touch points of the customer/potential customer and product, and improve the customer experience by integrating marketing activities with other business processes. But here's an interesting fact — many companies do not know what and how should be changed in marketing processes in order to optimize and improve the customer experience. 

Specialists of BDO Digital would come to the aid as from long personal experience and together with their customers they made the ever-changing journey, and identified the best approaches in the marketing digitalization. They will help you get to know your clients and their expectations from interaction better, select effective tools for optimizing processes, help you adapt them and successfully apply by the company's employees. 

  Customer Experience 

Customer Experience issues are becoming increasingly important for businesses that aim to attract and retain the best customers from their target audience. This approach considers customer relations from a wider perspective than the ordinary service delivery model, and concerns the smallest details of communication — from the simplicity and functionality of the site to the convenience of payment for issued invoices. 

Specialist of BDO Digital will help you: 

  • analyse direct communication with the company's clients to know the real picture of working relationships and identify insights to improve them; 
  • identify points of improvement of the customer experience and reasonably provide them to the main stakeholders of the process (shareholders, top management, informal leaders, project teams); 
  • formalize quantitative and qualitative indicators for monitoring the impact of customer experience on business results.