Results of the discussion on “New Opportunities for Ukrainian Business: Cooperation Agreement between Ukraine and Great Britain”

02 February 2021

Following the discussion, initiated by the regional offices of the European Business Association (EBA) on 28 January 2021, a web conference was devoted to the discussion of the Free Trade and Strategic Partnership Agreement between Ukraine and Great Britain (hereinafter — the Agreement).

Alla Savchenko, the moderator of the discussion, Head of the EBA Dnipro Coordination Council and President of BDO in Ukraine, has started the event with the statement that the Agreement with the UK was like sliver of light for all Ukrainian business. The Agreement is saving priority access of Ukrainian goods to the UK market and free trade zone between the countries.

But things are less than perfect. The speakers of the meeting commented that businessmen had difficulties related to paperwork and transportation issues since the Agreement is ratified. Paperwork formats for the UK and Ukraine are different and more time is needed to solve this issue. This determines the relevance of such discussion format.

As we noted before, during the discussion the experts-practitioners shared the accumulated experience after almost a month since the Agreement validation. And they also answered the key issues:

  • why Ukrainian companies should pay special attention to this Agreement?

  • what are the business benefits?

  • how to use it effectively and timely?


Alexander Lazarev, Head of the Coordinating Council of the Southern Office of the Association, Co-chairman of the Customs Committee of the Association, noted that the business community was impressed by how quickly the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted and ratified the provisions of the Agreement. He also discussed the issues and forecasts that were raised at the Customs Committee meeting that took place at the end of 2020. Now the important issue is to solve registration of imports and exports issues that some representatives of Ukrainian business have already faced.


Therefore, Vladimir Storozhchuk, Head of the Goods Origin Department of the Customs and Tariff Regulation Department of the Customs Payments and Customs Tariff Regulation Department of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, openly unfolded information about the criteria of origin of goods, confirmation of direct transportation, certification of exports and transport documentation. Mr. Vladimir mentioned that after Brexit the status of the authorized exporter of the EU is not valid for the companies with authorization number in the EU, and now they have to check it in a special system to export freely to Great Britain.


Igor Sokolovsky, senior counsel and lawyer of Advice Group, Chairman of the Customs Committee of the Western Ukraine Association Office, expressed his concerns about certain details of transportation, customs clearance and, in particular, direct export supplies.

So, thanks to the speakers for informative and lively discussion!


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