Henning Dräger, Partner Sustainability & ESG Solutions

Henning Dräger

Partner Sustainability & ESG Solutions

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Professional Experience

Henning Dräger is BDO International’s ESG Lead with a strong track record and international experience delivering ESG solutions for clients in 25+ industries as well working as Sustainability performance lead for a number of high-profile organisations.
Over the past 22 years Henning has delivered projects for and learned from some of the world’s most progressive ESG-led companies.

Henning continues to update he knowledge and capabilities through participating in relevant trainings and continues to actively participate as speaker in international conferences including Financial Times Responsible Investment Forum, Ethical Investor Industry Symposium, CERES Future of Energy, the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Copenhagen Sustainable Fashion Forum.

Professional qualification

  • MBA in Sustainability management 
  • MSc in environmental accounting and economics
  • MSc in industrial ecology