Volodymyr Ioffe, Director on Strategic Consulting

Volodymyr Ioffe

Director on Strategic Consulting

+38 (044) 393 26 87

+38 (067) 462 82 42


Professional Experience

BDO in Ukraine
Strategic consulting and business planning. Various technical and economic, energy, technological, managerial, environmental, administrative and other operational aspects in BDO projects. Energy efficiency and energy saving, renewable energy.
Investment Financial Business
Director of investment, venture capital and financial group “TAS”. Acquisition and consolidation of assets for the benefit of Investment and Financial Group “TAS”, management of venture assets of the group, diagnostics of the attractiveness of objects for investment in different industries.

Material Production Management
Privatization, market adaptation, corporatization, corporate governance. Director for economics and management at two major chemical enterprises of Ukraine for more than 10 years.

Maintenance of production facilities
Hydrogen and heavy water, liquid hydrogen, technology of production, storage, transportation of liquid hydrogen. Deputy manager on technological issues of production of large chemical complex.