• Audit of IT Processes and Controls

Audit of IT Processes and Controls


The key success factor of a business in the 21st century is that it must have an extremely solid IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure ensures data availability and confidentiality. And even if IT department ensures robust security of the company's information system, there are still internal and external risks.

IT processes and IT control are key aspects that ensure security of the company's information assets and the operational efficiency of the company.

Technology becomes advanced very quickly, which means that the investments you make in IT today — may not be enough to meet the demands of tomorrow. This is audit of IT processes and IT infrastructure: you need to prepare yourself today to meet future, by determining, which products are needed, which ones need to be updated, and which ones you can stop using now.


IT consulting from BDO in Ukraine

The team of BDO in Ukraine offers services of defining, developing and testing internal control systems and information security policies. Our audit of IT controls is designed to achieve management goals, from business processes to applications and technical control systems; and — to reduce cybersecurity risks. We don't want only to emphasise major risks, but we also suggest ways to mitigate them.


What is objective of IT audit?

The main objective of IT-audit is to assess the existing information systems. Generally, IT infrastructure audit is performed to assess a company's ability to protect its data assets, and the ability to disclose this information to authorized parties.


What BDO in Ukraine can offer you?

BDO in Ukraine will perform an independent and objective audit of the company's IT processes and IT infrastructure, and will propose and implement improvements. We use effective methods to protect you from the risks associated with IT. When providing our services, we use long-term experience and knowledge, and innovative methods and technologies of the global IT team.

The team of IT auditors of BDO Ukraine comprise of the certified (CISA certificates) experts, who apply international standards in IT audit and effective tools. The final goal of our work is to control IT risks that are present in IT infrastructure of your company.


If you need more information or want to order IT processes and IT infrastructure audit services, please contact experts of BDO in Ukraine.