• Cybersecurity systems

Cybersecurity systems


The presence of a comprehensive cybersecurity system is the key to minimizing negative consequences of potential malicious acts. However, many companies still find it somewhat difficult to create and maintain reliable cyber defenses on their own. In addition, potential negative consequences can lead to significant losses — from banal monetary losses to blocking operating activities. As a result, this leads to the loss of reputation and trust of customers, and even to lawsuits in some cases. 

Currently, the creation of a comprehensive protection program is a necessity to reduce cyber risks, create reliable cyber protection and minimize any negative impact on short-and long-term business goals. The international team of BDO Digital offers comprehensive cybersecurity services: 

  • development of strategies, plans, regulations and recommendations for protecting infrastructure and blocking cyber-attacks; 
  • project management for implementing cybersecurity systems; 
  • integration of network security systems, access control, application protection, leak protection, cryptographic protection; 
  • implementation of cloud solutions, data storage systems, network equipment, and virtualization systems.