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Автор Jakob Sand | 21 березня 2017

What Is Happening To Ad And Marketing Tech M&A In 6 Charts

Looking at advertising and marketing tech M&A data from the BDO M&A database shows that 2016 saw the industry bounce back after a slightly slow 2015. The question is whether the trend will continue into 2017 and beyond. I have tried to answer that (spoiler alert: yes it will...

Автор Jakob Sand | 14 березня 2017

Second Generation Ad-Tech Switches From ‘Shotgun Method’ to Sniper Rifle

I am not psychic, but I would advise companies in the advertising technology space to gear up for a round of AI and data driven mergers and acquisitions.

Автор Jakob Sand | 01 лютого 2017

Virtual Reality Is Your Computer – Augmented Reality Is Your Mobile Phone

Two new realities are making headway into the one we have been used to for so long. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) both hold great promise, with market revenue projected to grow rapidly.

Автор Jakob Sand | 30 січня 2017

M&A: Technology’s Bull Run Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Data from BDO’s M&A database shows that 2016 was another standout year for the technology sphere, with final figures coming close to 2015’s high watermarks for both number of deals and combined deal value.  

Автор Jakob Sand | 25 січня 2017

While 2017 Belongs to Virtual Reality, the Future Belongs to Augmented Reality

I want to start by making a prediction: the year ahead is going to be all about VR. OK, ‘all about’ was to get your attention (guessing it worked – especially if you work with AR). Still, VR will dominate the news, VR products will fill store shelves - and the VR industry will...

Автор Jakob Sand | 16 січня 2017

Have You Spoken To Your Computer Lately? You Will Soon!

The way we interact with computers is about to change. Here are the reasons why I think you will soon be waving goodbye to your keyboard and mouse - and perhaps even your computer screen.

Автор Jakob Sand | 09 січня 2017

Dollar Shave Club opens door for next $1 billion eCommerce subscription company

The meteoric rise and subsequent billion-dollar acquisition of the subscription-based eCommerce company Dollar Shave Club has sent shockwaves through the commerce industry. It raises the question of who will be the next company to go for the same sum that Unilever paid. At the...