UK webinar - Corporate Criminal Offence: preparing a defence

ДАТА: 26 червня 2017
Час: 11:30 - 12:45


Tax marketing team
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Guest speaker: Jennifer Haslett, Head of Corporate Crime at HMRC

Royal Assent of the Criminal Finances Bill at the end of April confirmed that the new Corporate Criminal Offences (CCO) legislation will impact all organisations in September 2017. 

The legislation is very wide in scope and applies to the failure to prevent the facilitation of UK and overseas tax evasion. Although a strict liability offence, there is a defence of having reasonable and proportionate prevention procedures in place. It is important that organisations meet the six principles of the defence outlined in HMRC's guidance before the legislation comes into force.

Our webinar will look at the legislation in detail and provide guidance on immediate steps you should be taking. 


Jennifer Haslett, Head of Corporate Crime at HMRC:

  • Purpose of the corporate offence
  • Who can be liable under the new offence?
  • What can a corporation be liable for?
  • Who is an associated person?
  • How the offence works
  • Principle-based approach to "reasonable procedures".

BDO team will cover: 

  • Pragmatic and proportionate response to the legislation will look like
  • The Risk Assessment and our TECRA methodology
  • Immediate steps you should be taking now.