• A Modern Approach to Cybersecurity

A Modern Approach to Cybersecurity

06 June 2022

Cybersecurity requirements and capabilities are accelerating too rapidly for organizations to keep pace. Cybersecurity programs are also distinctive in the way they need to be developed and managed, tracked, and updated. This stretches cybersecurity professionals thin as they try to strengthen their cybersecurity posture while also working toward business objectives and accelerating growth. Below are several more challenges cyber teams and organizations face in the current environment.


Cybersecurity Burdens We Share

  • Overly complex Solutions
  • Technology Sprawl
  • Increasing Costs
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Alert Fatigue


Companies share these common cybersecurity burdens and are quickly realizing that no one vendor or solution can eliminate all risk. However, with a risk-based approach to security, businesses can strengthen their security posture by employing strong technologies, strong processes, and strong talent.

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