Survey results from BDO in Ukraine on current situation of Ukrainian experts in accounting, audit and financial sphere during war


To understand the holistic picture of the employment of Ukrainian financial experts during the war, during May and June we conducted an external survey at the BDO in Ukraine, the results of which are shared in the brochure below.

During the study, we received answers, in particular, to the following questions:

  • Where are the representatives of the financial sphere located now and do they plan to return home in case they were forced to leave home?
  • Do they continue to work and for which company?
  • What are the changes in job process?
  • Do you plan to look for a new job if you had to quit the previous job and what is needed for this?
  • We also asked about the level of foreign language proficiency.

We also asked the opinion of financial experts about their role in the reconstruction of our country. In addition to answers about honest work, quality and on-time, were also quite interesting ideas, which we share in the brochure below.

Our survey was attended by representatives of the following business areas: the provision of various services (including advisory) 32%, finance and insurance 13%, production and trade 12% each, agro-industry 5%, IT 4% and 22% from other industries.

We believe that this information will help businesses coordinate further actions and identify,in which it is worth focusing attention and maximum efforts that will will boost Ukraine's economic recovery.