Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT)

Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT)


Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) is a very dynamic sector of economy. To be a major player in the TMT sector, it is necessary to remain innovative and open to change. At the operational level, TMT companies should be consistent, fast and flexible in order to stay ahead of their competitors, while maintaining the best quality that meets customer needs.

Innovations. Expertise. Opportunities


We are experts in providing complex services for TMT companies. We work closely with customers to find solutions to industry challenges, using expertise in telecommunications and IT audits, consulting of telecommunication companies, telecommunication cybersecurity services, and mergers and acquisitions to help customers grow.

Why choose us?

Professionals of BDO in Ukraine have extensive experience in solving clients’ problems in the field of technology, media and telecommunications. We combine our knowledge and deep understanding of your goals and vision to help you achieve them in the most effective ways.

We cooperate with clients, combining knowledge of the TMT sector, experience in audit and consulting, as well as assisting in the implementation of technological commercial innovations provided by our professionals of BDO Digital.


Innovations in ТМТ sector

Innovation is the key to success in the changing TMT industry, which involves information technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications. We will help to cope with many issues accompanying the entity’s growth and expansion, while avoiding threats that arise when taking advantage of new opportunities.

Providing clear and sound advice helping businesses navigate change is what BDO in Ukraine does best. Our telecommunication experts are well aware of the challenges and opportunities of the TMT industry.


How can we help?

The need to adapt and innovate quickly in this sector is vital. Companies choose to work with BDO in Ukraine because we take the time to understand their business and problems they face.

The support of advanced specialists of the BDO global network in the TMT field is a great advantage of cooperation with us. Our team of 40+ professionals with industry knowledge can conduct an audit of a TMT company, provide consulting services, adapt to new strategies, master innovative technologies or limit risks. Our cooperation with more than 30 TMT clients helped us to accumulate solutions for many tasks that were assigned to our experts. Team of BDO in Ukraine has participated in international projects for TMT companies in such countries as the UK, Georgia and Greece.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions and we will do our best to find the best solution to satisfy the company.

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