Launch of BDO Ukraine’s third Transparency and ESG report

We are launching our third Transparency and ESG report “Value creation – wherever we are!” meeting the requirements of Law of Ukraine on audit of financial statements and auditing and briefly touching on our ESG activities for the past year.


Our report being launched under very desperate circumstances with Russia waging an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine wreaking massive community, infrastructure, financial and environmental destruction across our country. In the face of such unprecedented national misery and disruption we decided to change the format of the report to meeting all legal requirements for transparency and shift all our ESG disclosure resources towards supporting our colleagues and their families remaining safe in Dnipro and Kyiv as well as facilitate any relocation away from war impacted areas. We feel it’s the best and only thing to do now - even if other ESG issues including climate change, Net Zero strategies, diversity and inclusion initiatives, supporting national anti-corruption and transparency efforts do merit and will eventually get our attention again. Ukrainian resilience and courage is on public display and being shared across the world every day - spurring us on to build back stronger and return to disclose a full set of integrated transparency and ESG metrics and information in 2023. Slava Ukraini!

Quote from President Alla Savchenko:

“This war is utterly unsustainable but our resolve and innovation spirit are renewable resources we will deploy for the benefit of our clients, colleagues, business partners and our beloved nation.
Even the darkest night will end the sun will again rise over Ukraine.”