• BDO talks on cross boarder payments during martial law in Ukraine

BDO talks on cross boarder payments during martial law in Ukraine

25 May 2023

Iryna Pavliuk

Senior Lawyer in BDO in Ukraine


Pursuant to clause 31 of the Regulation on Transactions with Currency Valuables, approved by the Resolution No. 2 of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated January 2, 2019, dividends may be paid to non-residents only through banks. And according to clauses 12, 14 of the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 18 "On the operation of the banking system during the period of martial law" dated 24. February 2022, there is a ban on the purchase and transfer of foreign currency to non-resident accounts for the payment of dividends abroad. 

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In other words, it is currently (during martial law) impossible to buy foreign currency and transfer dividends to a non-resident in foreign currency abroad. 


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