BDO in Ukraine shares case study at BDO Global IT Conference

01 July 2022

At the end of June, we had the largest IT event of the year at our BDO. The annual BDO Global IT Conference was held online for three days — on 27-29 June. This year's conference was held under the motto “We develop digital technology together”.       

Just keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology is no longer the goal for business. Keeping an eye on things in perspective, being one step in the future, managing processes with passion and being with your team is the way of thinking, we are committed to at BDO.

The conference focused on the work of the future, the role of leaders, sustainability and case studies. Apart from experts from different BDO network offices, speakers from companies such as FBI, Microsoft, Insight and Templafy were invited.

“We develop digital technology together”

Many colleagues attend this conference every year. But this year our representatives were given the opportunity to present our case study at BDO Global IT Conference. Vira Savchenko, CEO of BDO in Ukraine and Andriy Borenkov, Head of Advisory, shared the experience of our company's IT infrastructure during the wartime in Ukraine. Of course, it is not the experience you want to share... but if it is, it is useful for colleagues to be warned and prepared for any situation in the future.

During the presentation “Business Continuity in Critical and Emergency Situations: Case Study of BDO in Ukraine” we shared our unique experience of operating in extreme circumstances together with the Global IT team. Since the start of the war, we needed to keep employees and important data safe, even during evacuation and working remotely from various locations in Ukraine and other countries. We considered data replication to the cloud as an emergency BCP implementation, and discussed improved security monitoring and preventive controls (particularly geo-blocking). We also shared our plans for further long-term transformation of our IT infrastructure and gave a simple and valuable piece of advice: the best time to move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud is RIGHT NOW..


Because of COVID, our company was quite ready to handle critical situations. With 2 years of experience working remotely, the employees were able to continue working from any location that was safe and with access to the internet.

Vira even came to the Kiev office and demonstrated the server that was used to store big data on the day the war started to the participants of online conference, that is to the community of 300+ IT professionals. But now all the information (both ours and our clients') is in the cloud and is safe.



“The best time to move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud is RIGHT NOW”


So, when we are asked:

  • Is it safe to work with BDO in Ukraine?

We answer:

  • Yes, it is, no need to worry about keeping confidential information safe, we have taken care of that.

Keep working for the victory of our country 💛💙