BDO in Ukraine: cooperation with East Europe Foundation and “Shelter” Project

20 July 2022

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) there were 15.7 million of Ukrainians in need in Ukraine as of July 2022. Of these, 6.3 million are internally displaced persons (IDPs).

We at BDO in Ukraine keep actively supporting colleagues, who have relocated abroad or are staying in Ukraine. However, we care about every Ukrainian, so we join charitable initiatives as partners and donors. We are thankful to all our colleagues and others, who help Ukrainians around the world, but today we would like to highlight the issue of IDPs. A very useful social project, Shelter, initiated in the early days of the war by East Europe Foundation, is described here.

Shelter Ukraine project was created to support social initiatives that assist people from or at the conflict zones, i.e. in the very centre of hostilities in Ukraine.

Supported by its partners and various social organisations, “Shelter” helps Ukrainians by equipping shelters, purchasing medicines and food, providing individual food and hygiene kits and assisting with evacuations. Such assistance is provided to IDPs in different regions of the country. The “Shelter” project daily performs its activities and orients in those areas that people need. Both international agencies and private donors are being mobilised for this purpose.

According to the Foundation, by the beginning of May 2022, the initiative had covered about 65,000 Ukrainians. 30 IDP shelters have been equipped in nine regions of Ukraine, and 217 tonnes of humanitarian aid have been delivered to 15 regions. See more details about it here.

BDO in Ukraine cooperate with organisation of the “Shelter” project and welcomes everyone who is concerned to support the project. You can support the project financially and logistically, with information, and by sending humanitarian goods.


Useful links for useful donors:

We are thankful to all companies and people, who continue to support us with words, advice, contacts and actions. This support brings us closer to the Victory of Ukrainian people, that are fighting today for their INDEPENDENCE!

Glory to Ukraine!