Volunteer activities of BDO in Ukraine and its employees during the war

Volunteer activities of BDO in Ukraine and its employees during the war

Volunteers have done their best to help out in all areas, from the search and purchase of medicines to the purchase of drones and bulletproof vests, being well aware of the pain of people, affected by the war.
The following data will tell about the proactive volunteer activities and conscious social position of BDO in Ukraine employees during the war.

For example, volunteer staff of BDO in Ukraine:

  • Donated to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular to the funds “Come back alive”, “Serhiy Prytula Foundation”, “NBU account for the needs of the Army”, as well as thousands of other funds and volunteer requests. They donated for drones, UAVs, cars, tablets and laptops, bulletproof vests, military ammunition, and many other military equipment and even a satellite. They helped to find everything, bring it from abroad and to deliver to the front line (in particular, Mavic 3 fly More Combo drone, SSANGYONG REXTON car). Accounting to rough estimates, the total amount of donations by employees for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the six months of war comprised 2.5+ million UAH.
  • Helped to build the checkpoints of the Territorial Defense throughout Ukraine and were on duty at those checkpoints.
  • Wove camouflage nets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, sewed clothes for the military, blanks for bulletproof vests and first aid kits.
  • Helped military medics at the front (purchase of necessary medicines according to the list and sending them to the front line). Also helped hospitals and maternity hospitals in the cities that were attacked by the enemy.
  • Collected and delivered food and prepared meals for the military, territorial defense and IDPs.
  • Helped people to leave the area under shelling and find shelter in safe areas. Colleagues, who were in safe regions, were surfing the Internet for hours looking for accommodation in different regions of Ukraine. Some employees provided their own accommodation in Dnipro and Kyiv to IDPs from Mariupol, Berdiansk, Kharkiv and many cities and towns in the Eastern and Southern regions.
  • Helped financially and physically to animal shelters and zoos throughout Ukraine.
  • Children of our employees drew paintings and made various crafts for the soldiers, who defend Ukraine.
  • Our IT experts joined the cyber-volunteers, as nowadays the war is not just about physical weapons (details are not disclosed for safety purposes).

We support the economic front of the country by keep working and paying taxes, which are essential for the state today. Some employees refused to receive monthly allowances for internally displaced persons to support the economy of Ukraine with their small contribution.

Also, the company has been donating funds to support the Ukrainian army and volunteer organisations since the beginning of the invasion. Thus, the funds for the urgent needs of the army were donated to “Come Back Alive” fund in the early days of the war. Now and beyond we keep donating.

In addition to the all-Ukrainian organisations, we supported individually, at the specific requests of military units, in the ranks of which our colleagues (and even former colleagues) are defending Ukraine. For example, in April, volunteers of BDO in Ukraine delivered bulletproof vests to Avdiivka for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And recently, at the request of our colleague, a soldier-auditor, we ordered the production and sent artillery trays to the front line to keep our defenders as mobile as possible. Our partner organisation “Balance Business Books” sent literary humanitarian aid to the hospitals so that our soldiers could be distracted by reading a book from watching the news during their rehabilitation. Today we cannot disclose some of our activities due to objective reasons, but after the victory we will share them.

When a “brick” of a good deed of a particular person with a strong faith is formed into the supporting wall, then the moment of transition of quantity into quality comes and the ultimate goal of unity of all for the sake of victory over the enemy is achieved!