International Women’s Day 2023 - #EmbraceEquity at BDO in Ukraine

International Women’s Day 2023 - #EmbraceEquity at BDO in Ukraine

We believe that the corporate culture of our time is a culture of Equity. In times of war, the need for DEI is even more critical. As of January 1, 2023 the team of BDO in Ukraine comprises 70% women and 30% men, with female managers constituting 14% more than their male counterparts. The percentage of female managers at BDO in Ukraine is 14% higher than the number of male managers. Women and men in senior positions have a ratio of 57% to 43%.
The following ratios show the breakdown of staff for each service line:
















We would like to share a story about one of our female colleagues who, despite facing enormous personal challenges, led her team to success over the past 12 months. Her dedication and resilience have been an inspiration to us all, especially during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Liliya Chernysh is a recognized professional, respected by clients and the audit community in Ukraine. Her level of expertise was confirmed by successfully obtaining an ACCA Member diploma in 2020 and being entered in the Register of Auditors and Audit Companies of Ukraine.

Liliya has extensive experience in both audit and on the client side. She has managed audit engagements, projects for review and approval of procedures for financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS, National Accounting Standards of Ukraine (NAS), and accounting policies of auditees. Liliya specializes in auditing private or state-owned entities operating in various industries, including oil and gas, wind power, mining, construction, agriculture and beverage production, real estate, commercial seaports, retail trade, and hotel business.

That was Liliya Chernysh before war.

Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Liliya has remained in Ukraine with her family in Dnipro city. Despite the ongoing conflict, she has actively volunteered and was one of the first people from our company to return to work. Her team issued our first audit opinion since the start of the full-scale invasion, and she has adapted to current realities in organizing work processes and communicating with clients. Last year Liliya actively participated at company development activities: started two new services, expanded the size of her team, doubled income of her team.

More details about new services:

1. International donor organizations implementing partners​ (incl. UNICEF​, UNHCR​).

BDO UK has been appointed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to support its program of emergency assistance to Ukraine by providing a due diligence service to assess the capacity of local Ukrainian organizations to deliver UNHCR’s assistance projects.

BDO in Ukraine Liliya Chernysh’s team) are carrying out the fieldwork on the ground in Kyiv and other areas (Lviv, Odessa, Uzhgorod, Kharkiv) not occupied by Russian forces with the close support and guidance of IIDA’s management team in London. The work involves assessing the structure, management controls and financial reporting capability of 27 Ukrainian non-profit organizations each of whom have to be accountable for the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that they are receiving from UNHCR to provide protection and assistance to people who have been internally displaced within Ukraine by the WAR.

Liliya Chernysh about project: "All NGOs are supporting different population groups, such as temporarily displaced persons, children, retired people and communities not only materially (with money, goods and construction materials) but also with psychological assistance, support, business advice and medical care.) BDO Ukraine is honored to work on thin project. We feel responsible for confirming the accuracy of reporting on the spending of funds provided, so that donors could understand that the funds provided to Ukraine are spent properly, strictly controlled and Ukraine is a reliable partner and follows the European values of democracy and transparency."


2. Outsourcing audit services for BDO Member Firms. 

Till now audit practice of BDO in Ukraine decreased dramatically. A lot of our clients suspended or even stopped their operations. So, we were left without clients but with high skilled team of professionals. With the help of BDO Global and personally Trond-Morten Lindberg, information about our situation was distributed among other BDO offices. And few partners requested if BDO in Ukraine can support them with outsourcing work. The first few projects Lilia did by herself, even when work was on the assistant level. This helped Lilia to understand what difficulties and challenges may be with working with other offices. And now just after few months Lilia team successfully working with BDO in Luxembourg, BDO in Belgium, BDO in Slovenia, BDO in Mongolia, BDO in Canada, BDO in Lithuania. BDO in Bulgaria and more to come. We are very thankful for the trust that other offices gave to Ukrainians during these difficult times.

In January 2023 russia’s missile hit the block apartment in Dnipro, where Liliya lives. It's a miracle that she was out of her apartment that time. But despite all struggles she had to face with, she continues her work, participates in international projects and in the end of January she went in business trip to BDO in Luxembourg as she planned, and also as representative of BDO in Ukraine visited the Business Forum on the Rapid Recovery of Ukraine which, which also took place those days in Luxembourg. Liliya is a real example of resilience and inspiration!

For her high contribution to the work and great achievements, this year Liliya Chernysh was promoted to Key Audit Partner at BDO in Ukraine.

Undoubtedly, BDO in Ukraine will continue to the empowerment for all people in the company and all employees have equal opportunities for recognition for their input in company growth.