Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

In the modern world, when the speed of all processes increases every day, business has only one way out — also to accelerate. The first step on the path to success is to facilitate your work and begin by optimizing your business processes and automating them to meet business requirements.

To begin with, what is automation?

Automation of business processes is, first of all, the transformation of routine manual operations into automated mode using special software.
As a result, the company receives a number of benefits:
  • optimized human and financial resources
  • increased labor productivity
  • increased speed and quality of operations
  • optimized company processes
  • increased decision making process
  • increased transparency of business processes
  • increased control of operating activities

And all this together creates INCREASED PROFITS which is the goal of any business.


Automation can cover all areas of the company: management and administration, production and warehouse, quality control, finance and budgeting, marketing and sales, personnel management.

In the world there are many services to automate organization’s processes, starting from the most ordinary and familiar to all of us, MS Excel, and ending with the complex CRM and ERP systems.

The company BDO Consulting proposes support in choosing effective solutions to optimize and automate their business processes, considering the scope of activities and needs of the company.

In BDO we offer the following advisory services:
  1. Analysis of business processes
  2. Business processes Description
  3. Development of a plan to optimize processes
  4. Business process optimization
  5. Selection of an automated system for the specifics of business sphere



Our experience in business analysis in various fields helps to form the necessary list of requirements for the system due to which we can optimize and automate your processes at high-quality level.

BDO in Ukraine provides advisory services both in the framework of design work, and in the case when you are only faced with the choice of automation solution.
Our team’s expertise includes
  • Consulting in the context of business optimization and automation
  • Development and implementation of ERP / CRM systems
  • Accounting localization
  • Cyber security of ERP / CRM systems
  • Training in business analysis and working with ERP / CRM systems
  • Customer support and support of solutions

We are always ready to find the solution for your business. Contact us to get a consultation.



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