Cybersecurity Outsourcing

Maintaining the cyber defense infrastructure is becoming increasingly difficult every day due to the constant shortage of qualified personnel and advanced skills. Using professional services, our customers can focus their attention and resources on key aspects and processes of activity, leaving the cybersecurity issue to specialists.
Advanced services also allow to achieve the required level of protection using only internal resources.Therefore, the goal of BDO Digital is to ensure fast response and resilience to any cyberspace events that may be encountered in your industry.
Our innovative solutions are: 

  • outsourcing of systems and infrastructure management; 
  • real-time incident response; 
  • providing brand and business reputation protection; 
  • virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services, 
  • SOC As-a-Service — connect to a specialized cybersecurity management center that combines the advantages of using artificial intelligence and the industry experience of the best BDO specialists. 


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