BDO in Ukraine continues to operate!

31 March 2022


We get a lot of questions about whether BDO in Ukraine is working now? And we reply “yes”, we continue our operations. Of course, today all Ukrainians experience time division into BEFORE and AFTER the beginning of the war. During the first weeks, it was unclear what would happen next, and we all needed time to accept the new reality, which, unfortunately, we cannot change. But it was clear, for sure, that we could not stop, because BDO in Ukraine is responsible for almost 200 employees and has to support Ukraine's economy.  

Thanks to the support of the BDO headquarters and the entire BDO network of companies, we quickly supported our people: assisted someone to travel to Western Ukraine or abroad, and provided temporary shelter in different countries, and those, who stayed in their locations, are assisted with all the necessary support individually.  


5 weeks of war are over. And during this time, we have changed 90% of the life of our company.  

  • Employees have traveled around the world — but we used to work remotely, so those who are in a safe place now (which is about 70% of employees), are fully involved in the work. 

  • We do everything we can to protect our information and our customers' information from cyber-attacks, so all data has been transferred to a reliable cloud storage. Also, secure access to all programs is set up now for all employees, who are abroad, and step-by-step we are setting up such access for those who currently continue to work in Ukraine.  

  • Employees of the Accounting Outsourcing and Payroll Outsourcing departments have been working non-stop for the last month. Therefore, to work efficiently and in safety, most of them temporarily moved to the office of BDO in Poland. 

  • We are reviewing the portfolio of services to focus on the services that our experts can provide currently. In the last 2 weeks we have launched 4 new services. 

  • We are also reviewing BDO's business model in Ukraine and actively discussing possible developments in Ukraine and relevant scenarios in which we will work. 

  • And, of course, we as a team continue to support Ukraine and its defenders and all Ukrainians in need.  


We will keep you updated about the events of our company. And now — keep calm and continue to work, mainly caring about the safety of employees.   


Vira Savchenko
CEO, BDO in Ukraine