BDO in Ukraine joins the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC) community

BDO in Ukraine joins the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC) community

Since the end of last year, we have been actively renewing our membership and joining the communities of a number of intergovernmental organizations.

At the end of December 2022, BDO in Ukraine became a member of the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC), which aims to promote trade and investment opportunities among members in Canada and Ukraine, as well as to facilitate cooperation between Canadian and Ukrainian public and private stakeholders. This is also facilitated by a forum created by the CUCC for networking, communication and training for all members of the association.

Cooperation with the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce is also important in terms of attracting foreign investment to start rebuilding the country now. In the modern world, almost all countries are involved in international cooperation with Ukraine. Our partnership with the CUCC is especially important in terms of the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA), which was signed on July 11, 2016. Under the provisions of CUFTA, Canada has abolished 98% of duties on goods originating from Ukraine, which strongly supports the expansion of business in this region. Canada and Ukraine have good relations at the political level that opens up good opportunities for Ukrainian business.

About the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce

The Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (СUCC) was established in 1992 to promote friendly and mutually supportive political, economic and cultural relations between Canada and Ukraine. The Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce has become an influential body of Canadian and Ukrainian business with over 230 members. The CUCC's current focus is to encourage, facilitate and assist Canadian businesses interested in partnering and investing in Ukraine's rebuilding.

Rebuild Ukraine Business Conference

Rebuild Ukraine Business Conference is the first in a series of planned events in this direction. The purpose of the conference is to inform Canadian businesses on investment opportunities for upgrading and rebuilding Ukraine. Participants will be able to present public and private investment projects aimed at rebuilding Ukraine in the agricultural, construction, transportation, and energy sectors. They will also present tools, mechanisms, and services that will facilitate the development of the Ukrainian-Canadian business and investment relations.

From our experience, we know that Ukrainian companies often have to overcome negative stereotypes about Ukraine during the ongoing war. Businesses need to prove that despite all the difficulties, they can become a reliable partner at the international level.

BDO in Ukraine has a successful experience of cooperation with Canadian business, so we advise you just keep on offering your services, especially if you are confident in their quality and there is high demand in this market. Canadian business is actively developing and therefore needs reliable partners, including in foreign markets. Therefore, our goal is to maintain a reliable system of relations with Canada and other countries of the world, which will certainly contribute to the recovery of our country's economy.

For more information about the possibilities of cooperation with Canadian organizations, WRITE US and we will help you find the best solutions.