BDO LLC included in List of Independent Auditors to Verify Expenditures

under European Neighborhood Instrument Projects 2014-2020

It is our pleasure to inform that under the Order No. 620 of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine dated November 6, 2023, BDO LLC is included in the List of Independent Auditors that successfully passed the selection procedure and are entitled to be involved in conducting expenditure audits for projects financed under the Joint Operational Programs for Cross Border Cooperation of the European Neighborhood Instrument 2014-2020.


This order is available on the official website of the Ministry of Finance.


Joint Operational Programs for Cross Border Cooperation of the European Neighborhood Instrument 2014-2020
On December 19, 2016, in Brussels (the Kingdom of Belgium), the Government of Ukraine and the European Commission signed 4 Agreements on financing joint operational programs of cross border cooperation for 2014-2020 under the European Neighborhood Instrument. Namely: “Ukraine-Poland-Belarus 2014-2020”, “Ukraine-Hungary-Slovakia-Romania 2014-2020”, “Ukraine-Romania 2014-2020” and “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020”.

The core strategic objectives of the Programs implemented in Ukraine are promotion of economic and social development of the cross border regions, addressing common environmental, health and security issues, and improving the conditions for travel of people, transport of goods and capital. Implementation of these programs will promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the border regions of Ukraine and partner countries through the implementation of joint projects, exchange of experience and best practices, and attraction of additional resources for the balanced development and competitiveness of these regions.
Funding of the European Neighborhood Instrument cross-border cooperation programs for 2014-2020 is provided by the European Commission on a non-refundable basis.

For more information on the management and control of the joint operational programs of cross border cooperation to be implemented, please follow this link

According to the Key Audit Partner of BDO LLC Oleksandr Nikolaenko, this is a huge step forward for our company and a recognition of our professionalism and expertise in audit. It demonstrates the trust that the state authorities have in us as a reliable partner when it comes to project finance audit. We are proud of this achievement and will do our best to ensure maximum transparency and efficiency in the audit of international projects. Our goal is to contribute to the development of the country by providing high-quality audit services and implementing the best practices in our field.

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