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Audit Services


Based on extensive industry experience and global resources, BDO Ukraine's audit experts assist companies in adapting to rapid change, as well as building investor confidence and adding value to their businesses.

A successful independent audit from BDO in Ukraine assist companies in creating added value and reducing risks. Based on the experience of international BDO network, we offer multidisciplinary solutions to complex technical matters, as well as practical advice from experts, who are recognized as the leading experts in their industry.

Team of BDO in Ukraine provides services of statutory and voluntary audit of financial statements prepared under national regulations (standards) of accounting (NAR(S)U), international financial reporting standards (IFRS), accounting policies of the group, including entities of public interest.


In a fast-changing business and legal environment, exceptional service delivery becomes more important than ever.


BDO's approach to audit

BDO uses its own global audit methodology that allows BDO project team to perform a high-quality audit, including risk factors

The whole BDO network applies a six-step audit approach that ensures compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and is based on four key components: service management, transition management, quality management and technology platforms.

Experts of BDO in Ukraine use a methodology that is based on risk assessment. This methodology ensures that auditors consider areas of financial reporting, where there may be material departures due to the risks faced by a Company. An essential element of our approach is the implementation of advanced technologies, including BDO Global Portal, APT Next Gen, BDO Advantage etc.

Innovation in audit and professional communication

BDO global experts use the unified digital cloud platform and innovative analytical software. This allows to customise verification process during service delivery.



Our experience:

Client base of BDO in Ukraine includes variety of private and public companies both in broad and narrow industries, of all forms of ownership and sizes:


Audit practice is the main and priority activity of BDO both in Ukraine and in the world. More detailed information can be found in BDO Integrated Transparency Report 2021.

Why choose us

The partners of BDO in Ukraine, the audit company, — invest in their clients' success, controlling audit performance by themselves during all its stages, communicating directly with the leading experts in audit performance.

BDO is the 5th largest network of independent audit, tax and accounting firms in the world.



More about the team of auditors of BDO in Ukraine

The team of auditors-experts of BDO in Ukraine comprises of more than 100 experts, 28 of whom are included in the register of auditors and audit entities. The team includes auditors with АССА, DipIFR, AICPA IFRS, CFA certificates etc.

To maintain a high-quality assurance service, we pay much attention to ongoing professional training for auditors. Auditors of BDO in Ukraine complete at least 120 hours of professional training every three years.

BDO LLC is included in the register of auditors and audit entities, including the register of audit entities that have the right to conduct a statutory audit of financial statements and the public interest entities. More information can be found here.

BDO LLC successfully passed the quality control of audit services on January 27, 2020.


If you need more information or want to order audit services from BDO Ukraine — contact us, the consultation is free.