• Audit Services

Audit Services

A successful audit helps entities to create added value and reduce risks. Drawing on the experience of international network, BDO offers multidisciplinary resources to address complex technical issues, as well as practical advice from professionals who are recognized experts in their field.

The BDO team in Ukraine provides the following services:

- Mandatory and initiative audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with national accounting regulations, international financial reporting standards (IFRS), group accounting policy, including public interest entities policies

- Agreed upon procedures

- Audits for Initial Public Offering (IPO)  preparation

- Grant Verification

- Expertise of non-financial reports (those that cover sustainable development and corporate social responsibility)

Our professionals around the globe use identical digital cloud platform and innovative analytics software to customize the validation and assurance process, in order to meet individual customer needs.


BDO executives and partners invest in clients' success by personally engaging in the process at all stages and providing direct access to our leading experts.

BDO LLC is included in the register of auditors and subjects of audit activity of Ukraine, as well as the register of subjects who are entitled to conduct mandatory audit of financial statements and audit of public interest entities.

BDO LLC had a clean quality control audit on January 27, 2020.



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