• Ukraine Recovery

Ukraine Recovery

Ukraine's victory over the aggressor-country should include not only a victory on the battlefield, but also a complete economic recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine. Planning for Ukraine's postwar reconstruction has already begun. And many practical steps have already done to restore infrastructure facilities.

BDO in Ukraine, as a leading international audit and consulting network, has been supporting the economic front of our country since the first days of the war. In the time of great need for Ukraine, we are joining efforts with BDO member firms, international communities and like-minded partners to create and participate in initiatives to rebuild Ukraine together.

A better future is ahead.

We believe! We keep working! We will win!

BDO in Ukraine News

BDO in Ukraine news

Current updates on the activities of BDO in Ukraine related to assistance during the war and post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

BDO Global News

BDO network news

Updates on the activities and initiatives of BDO network member firms to help Ukraine and Ukrainian society during and after the war.

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Events announcements and details on post-war recovery of Ukraine.