Events on Ukraine's Recovery

As part of Ukraine's reconstruction, we at BDO in Ukraine focus on monitoring and presenting events taking place around the world. Our goal is to bring together the most relevant and useful events that contribute to the country's recovery and business development in the new environment.

We offer you a wide range of events, from international conferences to online webinars, covering important aspects of the reconstruction and development of our country. This is a unique opportunity for business representatives, experts and everyone interested in Ukraine's progress to share experiences, gain new knowledge and find partners for joint projects.

 Join us to open new business opportunities together and help Ukraine recover and move forward faster. Your activity and interest are an important contribution to the future of our country.

 Announcements and events details dedicated to the post-war Ukraine Recovery.






21 May 2024Offline (London, Great Britain)EnglishUkrainian Defence Industrial Base Forum
Strategy Council
21 May 2024Offline (Luxemburg, Luxemburg)
Second Luxembourg-Ukraine Business Forum 
Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
31 May 2024Offline (London, Great Britain)English2nd Annual Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum
Strategy Council
11-12 June 2024
Offline (Berlin, Germany)

Ukraine Recovery Conference

13-14 November 2024Offline (Warsaw, Poland)
4th International Exhibition & Conference REBUILD UKRAINE CONSTRUCTION & ENERGY
Premier Expo