Construction and Real Estate

Construction and Real Estate

The construction and real estate industry is at the intersection of those sectoral and macroeconomic drivers that have a unique impact on the economy of any country.


Professionals of BDO in Ukraine in real estate and construction are ready to help on various issues of the changing market.


At BDO we have global knowledge and experience in real estate and construction. Our multidisciplinary team has qualified vision of current and future changes impacting the life cycle of the construction and real estate industry in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine is not over yet, but there are already those who are looking ahead and asking about the opportunity for highly profitable investment in construction and real estate in Ukraine. In this area, our experts have the in-depth knowledge and experience to provide high quality expertise.


Why choose BDO in Ukraine?

Our professionals use the resources and global presence of the international organization to provide basic audit, accounting and tax services, as well as a wide range of advisory services, including risk management, M&A transactions, real estate valuation services and legal services for construction. In addition, professionals of BDO in Ukraine focus more on cybersecurity issues in this area.

We understand that due to the rapid development of technology, the construction and real estate sector is undergoing constant changes. Also, the aspect of sustainable development in construction is an important issue. We contribute to the formation of a more reliable and sustainable future in respect of ecological construction, energy-efficient technologies for the development of Ukraine’s construction.

Our team

BDO in Ukraine has 30+ professionals with experience in the real estate and construction sector of Ukraine, who provide clients from this industry with audit, international financial reporting, accounting outsourcing, consulting, valuation, M&A, IT audit, cybersecurity and corporate training services.

Our experienced team is always in touch with the global BDO community, where Construction & Real Estate professionals share their experience and best practices, discuss industry changes and look for the best solutions to a particular issue. Regardless of whether you are a developer, investor or fund manager, we will provide tailored, commercially oriented and technically competent solutions as to a client of one of the most important sectors of the country's economy. Team of BDO in Ukraine has participated in international projects for construction and real estate sector in Czech Republic.

Ask our professionals for advice, during which we will find the best solution that will satisfy the company’s request.


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