Wholesale and Retail Trade

Wholesale and Retail Trade


Over the past few years, Retail and Wholesale companies have been actively competing in a rapidly evolving industry. International expansion, mergers and acquisitions, e-commerce, cybersecurity issues and changes in the supply chain make companies transform their activities and business models to meet the recent trends.

We at BDO in Ukraine, having profound experience and access to the international network database, provide a wide range of services to wholesale / retail trade enterprises in the following areas: audit of financial statements, accounting outsourcing for trade enterprises, legal services and Ukrainian and international tax consulting, transfer pricing consulting for the trade sector, sustainable development in wholesale and retail trade; we advise on risk prevention in retail, data protection in trade, innovations in logistics, etc.


What changes await wholesale and retail trade sector in Ukraine? Market trends.

The pandemic, and further the military actions on the territory of Ukraine, became catalysts for changes in the trade sector. The most resilient companies operating in the market began to explore methods and strategies for doing business in a new way. The main trends include:

  • Intelligent supply chain planning technologies such as determining the demand, inventory optimization, multilevel planning and response management.
  • Investing in next generation e-commerce platforms to enhance the customer experience.
  • Increased focus on multichannel marketing optimization to enhance the customer experience.

Retail proved to be more resilient to the challenges as consumers quickly shifted to online shopping. Offline outlets are under strong pressure due to the declining attendance and rising costs. Among the main trends are:

  • Retailers are focusing on how to move to Net Zero Retail by reducing carbon emissions in operations, products and supply chains.
  • Adopting a digital-first approach to improve online retailing.
  • Focusing on local trade to serve the growing number of customers, who work from home.



Benefits of working with BDO in Ukraine

We have an excellent understanding of the industry challenges faced by our clients. Specialists of the wholesale and retail trade line of BDO in Ukraine strive to render a comprehensive range of services, providing practical advice on all issues: from investment and M&A, to accounting and setting up reliable information security of the company’s activities.

The team of BDO in Ukraine employs 45+ professionals with experience in the wholesale and retail trade sector. We are trusted by more than 60 clients in this area, because our approach to work is aimed at helping to realize the greatest ambitions. Our activities are meaningful only when your business is prospering. Team of BDO in Ukraine has participated in international projects for financial sector companies in such countries as Azerbaijan and United States.


Please contact us if you have any additional questions and we will find the best solution that will satisfy the company’s needs.

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