• Tax compliance

Tax compliance


This service includes the preparation of the necessary tax records, as well as the preparation and filing tax returns as detailed below.
•    Issue of VAT invoices to customers and verification of VAT invoices received from suppliers;
•    Communication with suppliers for timely delivery of VAT invoices, as well as the correctness of their content;
•    Preparation of VAT invoices register and its submission to the tax office;
•    Preparation and filing of monthly VAT returns;
•    Preparation and filing of the corporate income tax return (as alternative – based on accounting data/primary documents received from the customer);
•    Provision of the detailed breakdown to the corporate income tax return, based on financial accounting data;
•    Analysis of expenses in the entity’s books for their deductibility;
•    Tax depreciation calculation;
•    Discussion with the customer of main amounts in the tax returns, as well as potential tax risks/exposures and ways of eliminate/minimize the exposures;
•    Periodic review of the correctness of tax filings prepared by the customer’s staff;
•    Preparation and filing of other tax returns;
•    Communication with the tax office on issues relating to the past tax returns;
•    Reconciliation between financial and tax accounting data including identification of permanent and temporary differences.
•    Control over the timeliness of filing the tax returns and payment of taxes and duties to the state;
•    Notifying the customer about the tax law changes that may significantly affect its business.