Payroll and HR Administration Services

Payroll and HR Administration Services


Our professionals can calculate the payroll and corresponding taxes and social contributions, and prepare and submit the statutory reports to the state authorities.

Payroll services may include:

  • Payroll calculation twice a month (advance and final payment);
  • Calculation of other accruals, provided by the labor agreement or applicable compensation scheme (bonuses, overtime, compensatory payments, etc.);
  • Calculation of compensation payments based on average salary (leave allowances, sick pays, etc.);
  • Final settlements upon employees’ dismissals;
  • Calculation of taxes and contributions on the remuneration of individuals working under civil contracts;
  • Calculation of income tax from fringe benefits provided to individuals;
  • Preparing payroll sheets, payslips and their distribution among employees;
  • Providing verbal or written clarifications regarding payroll and taxes calculation;
  • Preparation and submission of mandatory reporting to the state bodies;
  • Preparation of bank payment list for the salaries transfer to staff;
  • Collecting all the documents required for the payroll calculation;
  • Preparation of detailed management reports regarding salary, taxes and other salary payments;
  • Preparation of an posting file (journal entries report) for subsequent loading into the customer’s accounting system;
  • Support in the course of tax audits.

HR administration services may include:

  • The development or adaptation of employment contracts, job descriptions, internal regulations on compensations, bonuses and internal order;
  • Registration of hiring new employees and termination of employment;
  • Preparation of HR documents in respect of leaving employees;
  • Keeping register of internal orders/HR documentation;
  • Filling in timesheets;
  • Processing sick leave certificates, preparation applications for sick pays refunds from the State Social Security Fund;
  • Preparation of certificates of employment and / or certificates of income at the request of the employees;
  • Marking records in Employment Record Books;
  • Preparation of employees’ personal HR files;
  • Preparing other HR documentation.

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