Investor's Guide


1. Determine potentially interesting project. For example, investors can look at:

2. Check your country

  • Explore how political risks are mitigated by IFIs and local Export Credit Agencies (ECA) 
  • Review the reconstruction priorities stated by different countries
  • Read about Political Risk Insurance 
  • Explore German Export Credit Guarantees –Simplified procedures for Ukraine
  • Read about Ukraine Partnership Facility –UPF and
  • International Chambers of Commerce / Business Associations

3. Establishing a Ukrainian legal entity (if your investment requires it). You can check Ukrainian initiatives for investors:

  • Taxation in Ukraine
  • Diia.City – preferable tax regime for investments in IT Industry in Ukraine
  • Privatization process in Ukraine 
  • Valuation of war damage
  • Financial state support programs
  • Key legislative act that regulates data protection in Ukraine 
  • Key points on prevention of money laundering in Ukraine.
  • Access to EU Finance  
  • The Law of Ukraine "On Industrial Parks".
  • Compensation for employers for hiring the unemployed persons and creating new workplaces 
  • Ukrainian E-Residency for Foreign Nationals
  • Entry regime to Ukraine for foreign citizens


For more detailed information on investments in Ukraine, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. To access the full Investor's Guide, you can download the file below.


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