• Why Choose Us

    There are many reasons for choosing BDO, the main of which is the commitment of our people.

Why Choose Us


Exceptional quality of customer service, without exception


Our company is the leading audit and consulting group - member of the international association of independent accounting and consulting firms, the 5th largest in the world by total revenues. 


Recognition of the auditor's report 

Audit reports issued by our company as a full partner of the international network BDO, are recognized by all foreign and international companies and organizations. This is important for the Ukrainian companies seeking to find sources of foreign funding, as well as for foreign companies planning to invest in Ukraine. 

High quality service 

By joining the international network of BDO, our company has committed itself to providing services involving quality control by a foreign partner from BDO network. In accordance with the requirements of international network BDO once every two years BDO in Ukraine undergoes quality control procedures.  As a result of the last review our company has again proved its professionalism and the highest level of customer service. 

Focusing on practical results 

By providing a variety of services to its customers and taking any action on their behalf, BDO seeks to bring practical benefits primarily on risk minimization and cost savings on unproductive losses or promoting business through competent advice and implemented solutions. Global knowledge base and unique BDO audit methodology helps clients to achieve the goals.

Getting diverse consultations 

BDO clients can receive diversified advice of any partner of any BDO office. Auditors can also attract highly qualified professionals of BDO international network to operate with Ukrainian and foreign clients. It could be a very simple question or relate to consulting support to contracts of an international character, involving sometimes several countries. More to that, we are able to bring together experts of different specialties and industries for the effective and progressive issue settlement to our clients. 

Professional Indemnity 

Audit risk insurance - an essential attribute of a solid audit company. Auditor’s error may cause financial problems of the client. Therefore, the risks of our contracts are subject to professional indemnity in a foreign insurance company serving the international network of BDO. This provides us a solid financial protection in case of reasonable claims made by the client and the client, in his turn, is provided with additional safeguards. 

Optimal fees and payment terms 

In our work we adhere to the principle of "optimal fee level - for quality according to international standards." The system of fees for our professional service is flexible and allows for an individual approach to customer service, which guarantees him economic benefits of cooperation with BDO. 

Focusing on the customer's success 

We build our cooperation, so that provides for direct participation of Partners in solving the problems of the client. We discuss in detail and plan all activities in close collaboration with the client. We understand customer needs and rapidly respond to changing market conditions.