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14 December 2020

COVID-19 and the ensuing national lockdowns have disrupted the conventional where and how of working.

07 December 2020

The first several months of this year’s COVID-19 crisis made it clear that those businesses with risk management strategies in place were in a better position to adapt to the pandemic, but how has this borne out over time, and what does it mean for the future?

04 December 2020

Climate protection and sustainable business practices have risen significantly on the agenda of bank boards. This partly has to do with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

03 December 2020

This publication summarises how entities may consider climate-related matters when preparing financial statements in accordance with IFRS. It also summarises recent IASB activities relating to climate change, including Board member articles and educational materials.The publication may be...

03 December 2020

On 12 October 2020, the OECD released over 900 pages of documents related to its years-long effort to address the challenges of taxing the digital economy. The impetus for this effort was the recognition that existing tax systems do not adequately address the digital world in which economic...

24 November 2020

The first thing to know about a company restructure is that, while redundancies can occur during a restructure, it is not a mechanism for eliminating problem employees. Restructures are a key tool in many business recovery strategies, and are designed to minimise employee fallout while maximising...

27 October 2020

It is not uncommon for organisations to digitally transform processes and data without a strategic or proactive approach to data privacy and cyber security.

21 October 2020

As a result of Covid-19, businesses are faced with significant supply chain disruptions, fluctuations in demand, and a number of other problems that were hardly imaginable a year ago.

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