• Your Careers at BDO

Your Careers at BDO

10 January 2016

We believe that each person has to develop and achieve success. To this end, we provide:

Availability of professional expertise in the various sectors and their constant updating;

Support in getting ACCA certificate and other professional qualifications required for the operation;
Continuous improvement of technical and non-technical job skills;

Feel its growth from the first day of employment

The training process begins as you join us, regardless of whether you are a graduate or a more experienced professional. Structured office program will provide an overview of our company, our values and our style of working. The colleagues are always looking forward to help new employees for their adaptation process was easier and faster.

Your efforts are recognized

You reconcile the individual goals with your manager and make a plan to achieve them. Your achievements and successes will be promoted and encouraged by lot of bonuses and a greater degree of responsibility.

Promotion is based on individual merit and performance, which are discussed in the annual professional assessment, and are also periodically discussed with your manager. Your growth may be faster than in similar companies, because we believe that there is no need to wait for all entire life to prove that you are a good specialist.

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