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Digital transformation is a comprehensive rethinking of the business model and the way of an organization's operational activities combined with the introduction of digital technologies and innovative solutions. This approach implies not only the installation of modern hardware or software, but also fundamental changes in approaches to management, corporate culture, and external communications.


Digital transformation can result in

  • Improving the financial performance of the company
  • Gaining competitive advantages
  • Improving the efficiency of all processes and the productivity of each employee
  • Reduced time spent on tasks
  • Reducing the influence of the human factor and, accordingly, the number of errors in work processes
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Building a reputation for being a progressive and modern organization



Nowadays, most companies are realizing that digital transformation is not only the path to a more profitable future, but also the key to the successful existence of a business in a competitive environment. Digital transformation leads to better customer service, streamlined business processes, increased data security, faster time-to-market, and more productive business in general. Digital transformation today is much more than automation. Technology thrives with people, so employee involvement in the change process is a key to a successful outcome.

Digital transformation for:

Business owner / Shareholder is an opportunity to increase profits and understand the state and value of his business

Directors / CEO is an opportunity for the all-round development of the company, gaining competitive advantages and increasing business productivity, as well as strengthening strategic control over business processes

Chief Operating Officer / COO is an opportunity to improve the efficiency of processes and operational control over them, reduce costs and improve the quality of goods or services

Chief Financial Officer / CFO is the ability to systematize the company's financial flows, accelerate financial reporting processes and always have access to financial indicators nearly real time

CIO / CIO is an opportunity to ensure the reliability of the company's IT infrastructure, increase the level of data protection and reduce risks

HR manager is an opportunity to establish effective work of employees, the training process and build a modern corporate culture

Head of Marketing & Sales is an opportunity to increase sales, improve customer experience, build a single most automated platform for marketing and sales

Employees is an opportunity to optimize their work, gain additional skills and earn more by reducing stress



BDO Digital takes you where you want to be



Of course, technology enables to take your business to a new level. But without a clear plan, these changes will not deliver real value and the outcome to your company. A well-thought-out Digital strategy will help to achieve clearly articulated business goals of the company and will affect the bottom line in all business areas. This contributes to more efficient customer service and reaching a qualitatively new level of profit.

Working closely with customers and deeply studying their needs, BDO in Ukraine opened the BDO Digital division, aimed at helping companies from different industries identify, prioritize, develop and implement technology strategies in support of their individual business goals at various scales. We help companies develop a digital business transformation strategy that will determine which decisions will have the greatest impact on the business, as well as the return on investment in the company's development.


Digitalization today is no longer a fashion trend, but a part of the real life of society. New technologies have been introduced into the life of each individual to the extent that they have changed beyond recognition the daily way of life. That's a situation in the life of every organization.

The world has moved away from long-term planning, which can only be effective in a stable environment. When the situation can change dramatically in a matter of days, then only companies capable of flexible response to changes will be able to continue working with minimal business losses. This becomes possible thanks to the use of modern management approaches in combination with innovative solutions at every stage of the company's development. Regardless of whether your company is a global player with a worldwide reputation or a local startup, your company's Digital DNA is generated by going through the same stages - Origin, Development, Partial Synchronization, Full Synchronization, Integration into the company's DNA.


At BDO Digital, we advise and guide our clients on their journey to digital transformation. Our goal is to show and then translate into reality new ways of doing business, maximizing value with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.

We have narrowed down our Digital strategy for the development of your business to three pillars:



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