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Publication: As interest in industry 4.0 M&A grows, data remains a sticking point

During COVID-19, the need for increased digitisation has been apparent for manufacturers. As a result, the interest in Industry 4.0 and related manufacturing technologies is on the rise.

However, both manufacturing companies and industry technology suppliers face data challenges. Unlocking said data’s inherent value is key to generating insights and competitive advantages. This is especially true for the core technologies that market leaders are leveraging to achieve breakaway performance.


Publication: Cyber in the Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing Industry is overgoing a technological transformation that is changing the future of the industry. The Industry is still in its early steps of adopting digital data, digital connectivity and digital processing. Digital transformation has brought significant changes to all key areas of the manufacturing processes including performance analytics, the agility of research and development and in many cases has also brought changes into organisational structure and revenue generation streams.



Publication: Innovation in Customer Experience Opportunities for the Insurance Industry

The pandemic has been a wake up call to the insurance sector. Historically an industry reluctant to digitize, insurers have been forced to adopt a digital-first strategy in order to stay competitive amid the disruptions caused by COVID-19.



Publication: What will live entertainment look like in five years?

Will the future of live entertainment include AR? VR? The Metaverse? Or will we see a full resurgence of enjoying events in person?



Publication: BDO: How Financial Institutions Can Evolve with the Digital Customer

Some financial institutions were already implementing digital customer offerings such as mobile banking, digital account opening and real-time financial management dashboards. But more than 3,300 bank branches closed last year, and record-low rates have cut interest margin.


Publication: Digital Transformation Journey

We’ve said it before: The middle market needs its own digital transformation playbook. Large enterprises can plumb their deep coffers to make massive digital investments in ambitious, high-risk/high-reward initiatives or fund pet projects that may never see the light of day.



Publication: Maximizing Your IT Investment

In 2020, we saw the benefits of accelerating technology innovation to build a more resilient and adaptable business. Now, companies are planning to pursue digital transformation initiatives and increase spending in their IT departments so they can bring their businesses to the next level. With so much focus on digital transformation, it’s critical to remember that IT initiatives are about much more than just choosing the right technology.


Publication: 6 Ways the Cloud Enables Better Business Outcomes

According the to the 2021 Digital Transformation Survey, 45% of middle market organizations are shifting more of their operations to the cloud or going cloud-native. Almost all these organizations are planning to maintain or increase their digital spending in 2021 and the cloud delivers great ROI through its on-demand self service model and broad remote network access.


Publication: 5 Reasons the Cloud is More Secure than On-Premise

The cloud offers unique security capabilities that on-premise data centers just can’t provide including greater management, encryption and access. Over 90% of companies are currently using the cloud but many of them are still not convinced that the cloud is more secure than their on-premise data centers.


Publication: 6 factors for successful digital transformation

In BDO’s 2020 Digital Transformation Survey, respondents fell into three categories: those whose digital transformation initiatives had been overwhelmingly successful; those who had been moderately successful; and those whose projects had failed.

Six factors listed below set those who were overwhelmingly successful apart from their peers.


Publication: Reports: International Tech Hubs — 3rd edition

Our latest insight provides insights into some of the world's fastest growing tech hubs. Featuring knowledge from BDO's expert partners from around the globe. We analyse each location to assess the benefits and advantages available to start ups, scale ups, inward investors, established businesses and investors, to help broaden their horizons and showcase unrealised opportunities for growth and expansion.


Publication: Busting the automation myths that keep finance and accounting teams from optimising

Finance and accounting teams know that improving process efficiency is essential for keeping up with increasing workflows. And, they have likely witnessed how Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), chat bots and other forms of automation have led to dramatic productivity gains in other areas of their firm’s operations.


Publication: The benefits of robotics; improving business resilience and productivity

Businesses continue to face a period of rapid and unprecedented change and there is no doubt that COVID-19 has reconfigured the commercial landscape. Few business continuity plans (BCPs) were designed for a scenario where teams would have very limited or no access at all, to a commercial office.



Publication: 5 questions to consider before embarking on a finance and accounting transformation

The most important questions that finance and accounting leaders should be addressing during times of change — but don’t think to ask.

Dealing with transformation is a fact of life for all business units in an age of disruption. While periods of rapid change are challenging for any business unit, transformations can be particularly painful for finance and accounting departments, whose processes and information flows are intertwined with every aspect of the organisation.


Publication: Digital transformation: Begin with cyber security in mind

It is not uncommon for organisations to digitally transform processes and data without a strategic or proactive approach to data privacy and cyber security. With more people working from home, the transition from office-based network access to remote/home access has created unique capacity, operational and cyber security challenges.


Publication: New technology developments stimulate e-commerce investment and growth

In the early parts of 2020, many of us started seeing a lot more to e-commerce delivery drivers. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across continents, online shopping saw an unprecedented burst of growth. For example, in America, where US Census Bureau data show e-commerce, as a percentage of all retail sales, rose from 11.8% in the first quarter of 2020 to 16.1% in the second quarter. Similar developments were seen across the world.


Publication: Cybersecurity 2020: myths vs. reality

In our digitally-driven society, cybersecurity is an essential element in ensuring both data integrity and privacy. Nearly every organization is going through some form of digital transformation to enhance data access, increase the speed to market, and reduce operational expenses.

Unfortunately, we also live in a time of extensive fake technology, rampant cyber fraud, increased sophistication of cyber-attacks, and costly cyber data breaches.


Podcast: Working with Digital Nomads #TIMETOLEAD

In new Episode of our #TIMETOLEAD leadership podcast series, Chris Smith, Global Head of Audit, talks about working with Digital nomads.

Digital nomads have been around for several years - but who are those digital nomads? Covid-19 has made the world a virtual laboratory - testing our effectiveness to work in virtual teams. We have been forced to think about what the consequences are when working with remote professionals.


Publication: Blockchain in the Public Sector

BDO has conducted an international survey on the use of blockchain technology in the public sector.   We surveyed 250 senior levels, within the public administration sector, the municipal administration and health and social services, which resulted in some very interesting insights.

While 56% of respondents believe that the public sector will use blockchain technology, 44% stated that there is currently vast uncertainty around the technology itself.


Publication: 2021 BDO Technology CFO Outlook Survey: Optimizing Innovation

І The technology industry powered continuity and resilience during a crisis. Now, the surge in demand continues, and while innovation is still the driving force of growth, 2021 will be all about optimization as tech seeks the right path to scale, strengthen supply chains and shape the future of work.