• BDO in Ukraine has created the HR and Payroll module for SAP Business One

BDO in Ukraine has created the HR and Payroll module for SAP Business One

23 November 2018

The new SAP Business One module on salary and HR management is designed for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine and it includes national specifics.

Ukrainian companies have received the solution that covers all the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in HR processes and salary calculation management.

The BDO HR and Payroll module allows organizing information, minimizing search operations of different information, abandoning manual mode of accounting calculations, avoiding errors while entering data to calculate wages.

The module has the following functionality:

• HR master data
• Maintenance of time sheets
• Payroll
• Payment of salaries
• Accounting for payroll tax
• Calculation for average wage including sick leave and holiday allowances
• Expense reports
• HR recordkeeping
• Regulated reporting with possibility of downloading - UST Report, Form 1DF, Form P2.

The clients receive a complete list of module features from developers and implementation team.

Information about SAP Business One:
SAP Business One is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for budget organizations, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for subsidiary companies of big enterprises. It is possible to manage all aspects of the organization with SAP Business One by using access to information in real time in the single system. The application consists of modules, each of which covers a specific function.

Information about BDO:
BDO is the fifth largest worldwide network of audit and consulting companies with more than 74,000 employees in 162 countries. BDO in Ukraine is a member of BDO's global network since 1997 and provides audit, consulting, tax and legal services, management consulting and IT consulting, financial advisory services, sustainable development and valuation services to Ukrainian clients.

Since May 2016, BDO in Ukraine has the exclusive right to license SAP software, as well as to provide a full range of SAP product implementation and training services with a focus on SAP Business One.


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