• Cyber Security

Business protection begins from business understanding.

As the business develops, the exchange of information with suppliers, contractors, partners and customers is increasing. These relationships create new cyber threats. The need and ways of security must be weighed, well-arranged in accordance with an entity’s need for effective performance. A well-developed proactive, integrated cyber security program will minimize the negative impact on both short-term and long-term business goals.


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BDO cyber security practices are formed with the involvement of professionals from various industries, including experienced cyber security and IT experts, operations and data privacy experts, business consultants and accountants. We are established to provide comprehensive, specialized services to each client, focusing on your specific operating model, specifications, regulatory environment and industry dynamics. We understand your needs whatever industry you work in. Our customers provide financial, healthcare, retail, extraction, and other services.

In the fight against cybercrime, our presence is expanded across the globe and we will be glad to help your organization, wherever it is, reduce the cyber risks you are exposed to.

Watch the animated video (see the link below) to find out how the cyber security strategy can support your organization during a cyber crisis.

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