IT Audit for Compliance

IT compliance requirements are designed to help companies improve cybersecurity and integrate high-level security into their workflows. However, getting audited for compliance can be tricky. This can be due to complex requirements, constant changes in standards and laws, audit processes, and many required security procedures.

What is IT audit for compliance? 

IT compliance audit is an independent assessment of a company's cybersecurity tools, practices and policies. Compliance Audit confirms the company's compliance with the best practices, standards and regulatory requirements; and is performed by an independent certifying body.

Advantages of performing IT audit for compliance:

  • Provision and promotion of a safe work environment
  • Prevention of fines and any legal problems resulting from non-compliance with requirements and standards (for example: SDA H NBU 65.1 ISMS, ISO 27001, ISO 27000)
  • Building a good reputation and gaining public trust and industry leadership position by compliance of industry protocols
  • Ensuring business continuity and preventing disruptions or business interruptions

The practice of IT audit of information security from BDO in Ukraine allows to identify and assess inconsistencies with specific laws and requirements of regulatory bodies, in particular, SDA H NBU 65.1 ISMS.

IT audit service for compliance from BDO in Ukraine has recommendations based on the best practices that are relevant to the specifics of the company's activities. The experience of an international team and top experts in IT & Cybersecurity will help the company to be protected 24/7.

If you need more information or want to order IT audit for compliance, please contact the experts of BDO in Ukraine.

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