• Labor and occupational safety

Labor and occupational safety


Labor and occupational safety is an important component of any entity, which defines a person as the main value, because it is safety and good health that make the production process more clear, thus, increasing the entity’s profitability.

A properly organized labor safety system disciplines an employee and, as a result, leads to increased work productivity.

International experience shows that arrangement of activities without observing labor and occupational safety measures leads to a decrease in the entity's economic efficiency and cannot be the basis for a sustainable development strategy.

In the UN concept of “sustainable development” labor safety is considered as one of the basic (fundamental) human needs.

Decent work is, first and foremost, safe work.

In its pursuit of European values, Ukrainian legislation sets high occupational safety standards for managements of entities.

In accordance with Art. 49 of the Law of Ukraine “On Labor Safety”, directors of enterprises are brought to disciplinary, administrative, material, criminal liability in accordance with the law for violation of legislative and other regulatory acts related to labor safety.

The arrangement for labor safety at the entity is an important issue for all companies, without exception. In an attempt to bring the organization's activities in line with labor safety legislation, the employer faces a number of issues, which are extremely difficult to understand without special skills and knowledge.

Experts of BDO Consulting provide high-quality consulting services in the field of labor and occupational and safety.


Our services include:

  • Expert advice in the framework of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Labor Safety”, ISO 45001: 2018 Health and safety management systems, OHSAS 18001: 2007, relevant amendments and additions to the legislative framework
  • Development of documentation: an individual package of documents on labor protection, fire safety and electrical safety
  • Labor protection audit: a comprehensive and independent audit of an entity for compliance with working conditions, in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation
  • Fire safety audit: a professional assessment, based on which specialists will reveal how much the facility is protected from fire risk and whether the degree of protection meets the established requirements and rules
  • Training and advanced training in labor and occupational safety for directors and specialists of entities on the basis of our partner training centers in Kiev.

Collaboration with BDO in Ukraine is:

  • competence and professionalism of certified specialists
  • flexible pricing for all types of services
  • timeliness of tasks
  • individual customer approach



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