Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)

In the dynamic business world, issues related to workplace safety, industrial security, and ecology determine the further development of entities. BDO in Ukraine provides high-quality services and consultations aimed at ensuring your business compliance with the highest standards, minimizing risks, and improving working conditions and environment.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is a comprehensive approach that includes measures not only to ensure the safety of employees but also to protect the environment
HSE Management System: Main Components
The HSE management system comprises several key components, which are scrutinized within the scope of our services:
  1. Health. The focus on preserving and enhancing the physical and psychological health of employees is an important component of the HSE system. Our measures are aimed at preventing illnesses, identifying health risks in the workplace, and providing psychological support to employees.
  2. Safety. Ensuring the safety of employees is our priority. We develop measures to protect against injuries, promote proper equipment usage, and formulate procedures and emergency plans, all aimed at creating a safe working environment.
  3. Environment. Our approach incorporates the environmental responsibility of an entity. We monitor emissions, waste, and compliance with environmental standards to preserve natural resources.

Interaction of HSE components
These components interact with management systems, procedures, and policies aimed at improving working conditions and preserving natural resources. Equal attention to health, safety, and environment is crucial for creating a safe and healthy working environment.

Importance of occupational health and environmental safety
Occupational health and environmental safety have become essential components of business success for several reasons:
  • Stability and efficiency

•    Ensuring safety and occupational health contributes to the stability of the work environment, reducing the risks of accidents and enhancing work efficiency.

  • Reputation and public relations 

•    A responsible attitude towards HSE positively influences the company's reputation, building trust among employees, consumers, and the public.

  • Cost reduction 

•    Investments in HSE reduce expenses related to healthcare, compensation for injuries, and fines for violating environmental standards, ensuring economic sustainability.

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

•    Adherence to strict laws and regulations regarding HSE is mandatory to avoid serious legal issues.

  • Innovation and competitiveness 

Focus on HSE stimulates the search for environmentally friendly technologies, enhancing the competitiveness of the entity.

Integration of an effective HSE system becomes a key factor for the successful operation of a company, improving its economic, social, and environmental stability.
Currently, we offer the following Occupational Health and Environmental Safety services from BDO in Ukraine:

In the team of BDO in Ukraine, we have leading experts in environmental safety and occupational health. With over 20 years of professional experience in strategic and operational planning, our knowledge in HSE and ESG is deep and comprehensive.
  • Expertise: Our certified professionals have a high level of qualification.
  • Customization: We create unique strategies tailored to the specifics of the business and industry.
  •  Responsibility: Our key goal is to ensure safety and compliance with environmental standards. 
With our HSE services, your company can achieve high safety and environmental standards, positively impacting its reputation and competitiveness.


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