Full range of services includes:


  • A standardized approach to the staffing and recruitment of highly qualified financial professionals - accountants, auditors, financial advisors, tax professionals, CFOs and other specialists.
  • Objective professional testing and psychological assessment: IFRS, NAS, taxation, etc., tests to determine personality typology, level of intelligence and communication/management style of candidates in accordance with Customer’s requirements.
  • Confirmation of recommendations and professional achievements on previous places of employment.
  • Arrangement of interviews and assisting Customer in interview process.
  • Leading the process of retirement of an approved candidate from the previous place of employment.

Benefits and Guarantees to the Client

  • High level of knowledge: as a provider of professional services, we have a large selection of important tests for any of the specialized competencies:IFRS, NAS, taxation, reporting analysis.
  • Time and cost: professional level assessment will help to avoid unnecessary problems and costs.
  • Expertise and experience: our HR consultants specialize in staff recruitment and selection in finance, accounting and tax accounting areas, thus the decision-making process will be endorsed by the staff with the appropriate level of expertise.
  • Communication with the Client: individual selection of search technology, which is based on vision and understanding of the Client’s objectives and requirements to the vacant position, reports for selected candidates with their test results and recommendations for the applicant’s professional development.

Methods and technologies of finding suitable candidates

  • Personnel search and selection (Head Hunting)
  • Direct search out of number of currently successfully working experts (Executive Search)
  • Search in business communities through personal business relations, work with own database, access to professional networks, media and the Internet (General recruitment, Management selection).
  • Cooperation with educational institutions (partnerships with leading universities).
  • Participation in job fairs and specialized exhibitions

When qualified financial specialist is needed

  • Internal / external audit
  • Supporting transition to IFRS process
  • Accounting in accordance with IFRS
  • Preparation of IFRS financial statements
  • Restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, budgeting and establishment of management and financial accounting system
  • Taxation and Tax Planning
  • The process of building internal controls, CPI, BSC systems
  • Raising Capital


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