• Recruiting IT experts


BDO in Ukraine expands its staff!

During military operations it is critically important to maintain the economy of our country, pay taxes, create jobs to prevent a humanitarian disaster and have more opportunities to defeat the enemy.

That's why we continue to work and recruit new experts to perform different tasks and projects. Here are several highlights:

We offer fruitful cooperation to Ukrainians, who were forced to leave Ukraine and moved to other countries, with an international company that has been operating sustainably in Ukraine since 1997

We offer official employment in BDO LLC or in BDO Consulting LLC, so even being in another country you will work for the economy of your country;

We provide remote work in the country where you temporarily are located, and after victory you can return home and continue working with our company;
We pay wages in Ukrainian hryvnias to Ukrainian bank cards, so you will feel financial security



Position Experience Salary
Senior Consultant – Data Engineer 3-5 years $4 300 - $5 000
Pentester, Penetration tester 1,5+ years  
Cloud Site Reliability Engineer 3-5 years $6 000 - $7 000
Full Stack Java Web Developer (Part-time with hourly rate $60-65) 3+ years  


Please, send your CV to [email protected] and indicate the desired vacancy.. We will contact you to discuss possible cooperation variants.

And remember — Everything will be Ukraine!